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So today I was playing League of Legends and both of my monitors (Dual Display) would go black then they would display picture and continue on going black and showing picture. Either they both would do it at the same time or would do it one after another. After checking the plugs and graphics card only my main monitor does it now. It seems like it only happens when a process is occuring on that monitor. I have my browser on my secondary and the main monitor nor the second are doing the black shut off. Following noticing the problem I updated my video drivers but it continues to occur. Any idea what the problem is?
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  1. What are your system specs?

    Make sure that the video card is properly socketed.
  2. If you have backlit LCD monitor, the lamps or the inverter that powers the lamps may be dying. Anyway, to test the monitors, LCD or not, change the position of the monitors. Connect the cable of first monitor to second monitor and the cable of the second monitor to first monitor.
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