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Can the sabertooth z77 take 2133 speed memory

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  1. Asus doesn't say so on the product page for some reason, but if you take a look at the QVL it does have 2133 kits on there (although, not the kit you linked).

    There's not much reason to go with 2133 RAM, though, unless you have a specific need for it (gaming doesn't count as one of those).

    1600 is all you need for all but the absolute most specialized of uses (RAM disk, mostly). No perceivable advantage for 2133, otherwise.
  2. so for gaming 1600 is fine? (thats the primary reason)
  3. thuglife67889 said:
    so for gaming 1600 is fine? (thats the primary reason)

    Oh yeah. Plenty.

    If you were having to game with the iGPU, it'd be a different story, but I'm guessing that you'll be using a discreet card, so it won't matter.
  4. i have a gtx 670 OC FTW from evga
  5. Yeah, you wouldn't notice any difference then (a couple more FPS, at most, and only able to be seen in benchmarks). Certainly not worth the extra cash.
  6. you would gain more fps by investing the money in a better gpu, or heatsink fan for higher overclocking rather than investing it in ram, which at the most will affect it like 1-2 fps.
  7. I have GTX 670 FTW ,intel core i5 @4.5 with a H80 , But i have G.Skill 1333 ram
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    I'd say stay with what you have, honestly. 1600 would be slightly better, but not really enough to justify the cost of the upgrade (even if it is only ~$45-$50 for a 8GB 1600 kit).
  9. ok thanks
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  11. You're welcome. :)
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