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Z77 Boards; Pro4 vs TZ77XE3 for 2560x1440

So I'm slowly finishing up my build. Unfortunately, it includes a 2560x1440 monitor, so I'm torn between 2 different paths;

1. ASRock Pro4 ($150) with 1 good GPU (2GB+), not sure yet. Save some money on a PSU, get a 650W maybe, save some money on electricity over the long-run (lol?!)

2. BIOSTAR TZ77XE3 ($140) - surprisingly cheaper, even though it has 2x pci-e 3.0. Then get an SLI solution, 850W PSU.

Ideas/suggestions which path to go?

Also, why is the ASRock Extreme4 so expensive ($180) compared to Biostar's at $140, I see almost identical features. If anything, I might as well get the $140 biostar, then have the option to go SLI down the road (unlikely though).
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  1. I'd go for the first option :)

    A good board and a GPU (And processor obv.) is all you need for an awesome rig!

    :) Have fun!
  2. Why not the second board with only one card (mix of those 2 options)? I don't see $10 in value for the Pro4 over the TZX77E3...
  3. Where are you getting these prices from? The ASRock on newegg is for 109 and the biostar is for 129!
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    And finally -

    The ASRock has better RAM support (2800+), Biostar has 2600

    The Biostar has two PCIe 3.0 Slots, the ASRock has 1

    The ASRock has 2 MORE SATA 6GB/s Header (A BIG THING) and also better RAID support

    ASRock has more USB 3.0 rear inputs

    The ASRock has more connections (Fan, CIR, Com etc)

    The ASRock is smaller

    There you go :)
  5. The Canadian site lol.



    Not planning on using 2800 Ram.
    Not planning on using any more than 2 Sata 6gb/s, nor RAID.
    I didn't see a difference in USB3.0's..
    Again, not planning on using any of those controllers,
    And the size? What? They're both ATX no?

    And I would much rather prefer 1 extra PCI-E slot than not.. Do you know if there are any other boards that are of equal or better quality at that price level?
    Thanks for the details and help btw
  6. Anyway I picked up the ASUS P8Z77-V-lk for $135 lol
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