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Sound Quality: Motherboard vs Sound Card


I just purchased an Asus P9X79 PRO that has onboard Realtek ALC898. I have an old external sound card, which I think is a Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Platinum.

Which one would provide better sound quality? I use semi-high end headphone and might get 5.1 speakers.
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  1. for normal users (gamers, not people into recording ect) an onboard should be just fine, if your not looking to go into sound recording and things such as i would just stick with the onboard, and the onboard can support more channels as far as i can tell XD
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    The Audigy will sound better no doubt in my mind.
    Been there done that, comparison, on numerous boards with ALC889.
    Do a comparison and find out yourself.
  3. that is one high end sound card, my £20 xonar dg is noticebly better than my onboard, although my mobo only cost £30 itself so that might have something to do with it :(
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