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With current drivers: GTX 480 vs HD 6950 (unlocked) vs 560ti

these three are the ones in my price range. The 480 would be used. About the same price I could get a 560 ti for AR, and about $50 less than I can get an unlocked reference 6950.

Does the 480 run dramatically hotter/louder than the other cards?

Also my PSU is a corsair hx620 would the 480 present any issues here?
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    If you can get the 480 and you know it works, I'd go for it. You'll get the best performance from it compared to the others:

    Just know it runs hotter and louder than the others. You PSU will be fine with that card.

    On the other hand, you could flash the 6950 to a 6970 and it may work. If it doesn't work, you're left with something less than the 480 (but still respectable and better performance than the 560). And if you try the flash, you void any warranty.

    I wouldn't bother flashing it for just a one or two fps gain over the 480. Get the 480.
  2. As far as performance goes I know the 480 tops the others, except maybe a 6950-->6970 unlocked.

    Just wondering if the heat/noise and power use of the 480 should hinder me purchasing the card over the others since they're in the same sort of price range.
  3. The only thing is there's no degree of certainty that the flash will be successful (unless you're absolutely certain?).

    Of course the fans going to kick up when the 480's working hard. Nvidia also has a max temp of the 480 at 105C. So it's going to generate some heat. You don't want this in a case that has poor airflow. Otherwise, if you can deal with the tradeoff of a louder fan for the better performance, the 480 will be a good choice.
  4. well I would most likely buy one already flashed.

    But at this point the $50 less 480 I think is the best choice. I have a pretty good cooler master case with plenty of fans. I dont plan to OC it at all as well so I think I can handle the heat.
  5. So you're getting it around $200? That's a good deal. They are selling new around $300+.
  6. yeah got a evga 480 for $195.
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