New Systems Build - feedback required

Hello All,
I am just upgrading and I am not a very good OC person so just the basics but i do need a good comp for both games and photo editing (CS5 and Lightroom)

Build is below any comments and feedback would be appreciated.
And maybe alternatives if possible.

Intel Core i7 2600K
Gigabyte Z68 UD7 Chipset,
Corsair 16GB Kit (4x4GB) 1600MHz DDR3,
OCZ 120GB Vertex 3 SSD
2x GB Geforce GTX580
Corsiar 1050W PSU
Creative SB X-Fi Fatality
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  1. I don't think all part of CS5 and Lightroom is multi-threaded. Although this link is based on the older generation core i7, hyper-threading didn't matter with lightroom (2.4 x64)

    You have to see if the ~$100 is justifiable. If photo editing isn't a career or anything near that importance, you don't need the i7-2600k and that the i5-2500k will suffice. The hyper-threading will be good for a little future-proofing and if you do have the wallet for it. I will not stop you :)

    As for the sound card, don't purchase it yet. Check out how your onboard audio sounds first. Onboard audio has made leaps and bounds you know. I wouldn't go with OCZ.. I'm not acknowledged about SSD but I heard some things about OCZ and their fail rates. Be sure to check the reviews first. If you can, I would get the crucial m4 128 ssd for $208:
  2. Thanks winter. I will do a bit more revewing on the ozc ssd and on ocz overall.
    I am in Australia so getting crucial has been a mission to locate online or in store. its not something i have seen regularly in australia.

    hopefully it will serve me well for the next 5 years as this will be the last system build in a long time
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