GIGABYTE GA-M68MT-S2 Rev 3.1 BIOS Update?

A BIOS update came out for my motherboard, and I have 2 questions.

1. Is there a list of what was fixed?

2. Can someone tell me how to update a BIOS?

I realize the risk I have done similar things in terms of risk with my phones (flashing costume ROMs, and kernels) but there is a current issue with my BIOS that I hope they have fixed. Right now I have issues with some Valve CEG games in which the game runs incredibly bad, games like Deus Ex, Portal 2, and CS:GO. A guy did make a hot fix but I don't like having to run a program every time I want to play one of those games.

Motherboard: GIGABYTE GA-M68MT-S2 Rev 3.1 Current BIOS: FB (New one is FC)
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  1. 1- Yes, is in the Description column :p I don't know if there's a full changelog from Gigabyte, and i don't think there's one..

    Risk is a complex word.. Gigabyte has a bios protection system called Dual Bios. If the bios upgrade fail, the main bios (that you updated) will be recovered from the Backup Bios (that remains untouched)..

    2- You can update from @Bios, not recommended by many users.. And, you can update with Q-Flash, the recommended method..

    You'll need a FAT32 formatted pendrive..
    When you download and extract the BIOS package, you'll see a file called: "M68TS231.FC" (note that the .FC extention is the BIOS version).
    Copy that file to your pendrive, and reboot.

    When you see the MotherBoard Logo, or before, press the "END" button, and the Q-Flash menu will appear

    First of all, select "Save BIOS to Drive", to backup your current BIOS! Choose a name for it..
    After that, you can update your BIOS selecting "Update BIOS from Drive".
    Now you can find the BIOS you downloaded, in this case: "M68TS231.FC"


    When the flashing process finish, you can reboot now, and you'll need to enter the BIOS Setup to "Load Optimized Default" settings!
  2. Yeah I already did it with Q-Flash.

    Guess I might as well answer my own question so others know.

    Yes, they did fix the BIOS so if you're using an AMD FX CPU on this motherboard and having issues with Valve games make sure to update your BIOS to FC.
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