Need help choosing PSU/Mobo!

I'd really appreciate some help choosing a motherboard & power supply for my new rig, kind of stumped.

Just need a mobo that supports this ram; an i5-2500k and can SLI x2 EVGA GeForce GTX 560 Ti FPB

As for the PSU, I'd need a very reliable one that can support these parts(SLI 560ti, i5-2500k overclocked, 8-16gb overclocked ddr3 ram)

I was thinking this PSU;
because it's cheap for an 850w and well rated but it's not even bronze certified so I'm not quite sure. Just let me know since you guys are the experts :] If you need any other info on the rig I'm building just let me know.
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  1. ^ PSU -
    Antec HCG 750W - It can easily handle 2x 560 in SLI and is of better quality and far better warranty - 5 years compared to just 1 year,...

  2. Thanks for the quick response! Power supply looks great and the motherboard is so dam cheap, gonna order these pretty soon. Thanks :]
  3. Corsair HX750.

    Capable of delivering upto 900W when necessary. A genuine Seasonic made product.
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