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Hey people

I have a problem: my onboard radeon 3200 has a HDMI port but my PCI-e Radeon 4770 does not have a HDMI port
I want to attach both my sony ex500 hdtv and my ilyama prolite lcd screen AND have audio through my HDTV when i want to watch a movie (switch the sound output in windows sounds)

The simple solution i have found is just to remove my HD4770 and attach both my screens to the onboard but that sorta defeats the purpose of having a graphics card...

There seems to be the solution of adding a DVi to Hdmi converter plug but then audio doesnt come through unless i have this but i cannot buy that in The Netherlands
Is there a alternative converter that works?

The last solution would be to use both graphic processors (onboard and pci-e) in my computer but it seems like that is not possible to do because when i stick in the HD4770 it doesn't see the HDTV in the HDMI slot
Am i right that this isn't possible?

I hope anyone can help out
Greetings David
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  1. You can't use both because that will just give you conflicting problems.
    The only solution is to diasable the onboard and get a graphics card with an hdmi port. Sorry but thats the only way
  2. Depending on the system, onboard may be disabled when you plug in the add-on video card. Check it in device manager. If it's seen, it may be just a matter of finding the right driver/setting combination to get it working.

    You may have better luck with different card vendors, ATI is built-in, use nVidia for the other card. This way you don't have one driver controlling both cards. I've always had better results with different model cards if they were also different brands. Multi card setups where all the cards are the same model, same brand works great. Once you start using old cards with new cards, issues come up.
  3. you can buy those converters on ebay for cheap

    also (if your mb supports it), you can set the onboard video so that its always enabled in the bios. I know this because I use my ATI Radeon with my onboard Nvidia for a mulitple display setup. You will need to install the drivers and controllers for both cards. Nvidia display manager and ati catalyst control center. It works fine on win 7 64 anyway
  4. Thnx allot for the reply's people!

    I think i will try to buy one converter on ebay as it seems mutch cheaper then buying a new video card with a hdmi port :)
    So thnx for that tip txhookem
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