Hyper-V home host for the Windows Servers

Hello, to prepare for a couple of the certifications, I need to build the hardware for the Hyper-V 2008R2 SP1 host to run 8-10 virtual machines (AD, Exchange, SP, Lync, etc). I have the following questions based on the configurations considered:

- Which CPU is sufficient and runs best with Hyper-V: - i7 Sandybridge or the dual Xeon with 6 cores each
- Is RAID 10 required at all? Should I choose an extra SATA RAID controller or is the on-board chip enough?

Here are the configurations:

#1 - Intel i7 2600
Intel i7 2600, Sandybridge
DDR3 1600MHz 1 x corsair16 GB RAM
4 x Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB SATAII 7200rpm RAID10

#2 - Intel Dual Xeon

Intel Xeon E5646 2.40 Ghz, 12MB six core, S1366 80W
Supermicro Mainboard X8DTi-F R2
DDR3-1333 ECC 6x4 = 24GB RAM
4 x WD 1TB 7200 SATAII

Thanks in advance
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  1. Everything depends on your budget. Of course If you have the money you should go with Xeon.
  2. Since the ASUS motherboard does not natively support Server 2008 (no drivers to download), I'd go with the SuperMicro board and the dual XEONs

    -Wolf sends
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