Motherbord light is on but it wont start

i heard tunder so i turned off my computer. When it was turning off the electricity went of and the comuter turned directly off. when i went to sleep the electricity camed back and strong white light where blinking every minute from the pc(i had the power supply off) next day when turned on the powersupply the motherboard light went on but nothing happend when i pressed the start button, no fans, nothing was happening :o
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  1. It is PSU fan running?
  2. no, no fan is runing
  3. Your motherboard is not working.
    If Its a blank black screen, Its probably dead.
  4. Got another PSU for testing?
  5. no, but it was updateing windows when the electricity went off
  6. It could be any or all components if you don't have a way to test it.
  7. i know that the cabel to to the harddrive aint so good but nothing happens when i try to start it. And what was the white light that camed on the night?
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