Need Help Deciding on a CPU.

I am trying to fix an old build and all I need is a CPU and motherboard. This is going to be for web browsing, office, etc.
So what CPU and motherboard should I get. Trying to keep it under a $100. I was thinking about this one.

What about this?
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  1. Wow the Phonom at that price?!?!? Definitely.

    Just check if your board supports it.

    Posting specs would help.
  2. I don't know about the mobo you should get, but I just upgraded to the phenom ii x4 830 from microcenter. You could get the 830 or 840 for $50. The 840 is higher GHz but doesn't have any L3 cache. The only difference you will notice is in certain applications. If you can find a mobo that will have the correct socket I would definitely recommend going with one of these two. At this price they can't be beat. I just upgraded from a phenom ii x2 555 Black 3.2 GHz to the phenom ii x4 830 2.8GHz. HUGE DIFFERENCE. Go for it while the deal is still good.
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