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I would like to spend less than $150 for a GPU in the next week but my head swims looking at all the options. My monitor is a lowly 1680x1050 but may go HD one day.

From what I have seen the AMD 6850 and Nvidia 460 are comparable. What I don't know is if a AMD 5770 or 6950 are worth considering or even a Nvida 460 SE since I've seen it on sale for $100!

My question is: given current prices (Newegg, Amazon, etc) what are the cards I should be looking most closely at?
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  1. Not a 550 ti for sure, try to find a deal on a 1gb 460. If not go up to the 6850, but much better a 6870 which after rebate its like $165. i would seriously consider borrowing $30 if I were you for a 6870.
  2. so cronos you think the 6870 is worth $65 more than the ones Halo suggested?

    BTW my budget is more principle than economic. Within a few months I will trade this GPU down to my kids computer and get me another to play BF3 and/or COD MW3 (if they have dedicated servers!)
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