Best processor for price AM2+


I currently have:

Athlon 64 X2 4600+
MSI K9A2 CF-F Socket AM2+ ATX Motherboard MS-7388
Corsair TX 850 PSU

I bought the AM2+ Mobo after my old one went kaput, so I could continue to use my current CPU but also upgrade, and now is the time to do it I think. I'm looking for as much processing power as I can get for a good price, and I'm wondering which CPU would be the best buy. Probably don't want the fastest I can get as high-end tends to get very expensive, and I also find that in recent years the difference in performance between best and next-best is shrinking.

So the current front-runner is the Phenom II X4 955

What I'm asking for is a) confirmation that this will indeed work with my Mobo (what I've read suggests it should, but I'd like expert confirmation before spending the money) and b) Opinions about whether there is another processor for around the same price that is better. I'd be willing to spend a little more if it get me significantly more power.

Please bear in mind I'm in Denmark and I can't buy from NewEgg or other US sites, so the prices for me may be a little different, but in general they should be proportionately the same, I think.

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  1. Yes the 955 will work in that board other to consider are the 965 and the 6 core options but I recommend the 955
  2. 955 is a great choice, its fast enough for anything an average person will be doing and it holds up well in gaming
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