Ram disk vs. SSD vs. CPU for increased transcoding speed?

I bought a television tuner or my computer and love it also love delaying television viewing by recording them in its very high quality HD format. The trouble is sometimes I would love to archive these recorded programs because they are so good, but the size of these files are about 4.7 GB per hour of HD recording. Consequently I am looking to transcode these files, however this will definitely necessitate a system upgrade to my system if I am to do it as much as I will like to.

On another forum I read an individual had very good results by using two hard drives instead of the one to transcode video files. This increased his speed a lot. So I asked the question would 2 ram disks increase your transcoding speed a lot? He did not know but referred me to an article on this site which can be found here. http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/ram-memory-upgrade,2778-3.html

I am thinking if one hour television programs require 4.7 GB of RAM per HD recording if you can create two 5 GB RAM disk in a new 16 GB system which also includes a CPU, SSB, maybe these two ram disks are the most important part of it for increasing transcoding speed. But I am not sure is money to increase transcoding speed best spent on CPU, SSB, or ram? The article I referred to above did not have all the answers for me.
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  1. Try the intel z68 chipset with lucid logix virtu technology. It takes your on board integrated sb graphics and cpu and i believe your pcie graphics card to increase video transcoding speed up to 10-60%!
  2. 2 ram disks will be the same as one larger ram disk. So just try it with one larger one.
  3. 13thmonkey said:
    2 ram disks will be the same as one larger ram disk. So just try it with one larger one.


    well is this something this person at this thread on another forum said that can be found here http://discussions.virtualdr.com/showthread.php?p=1376817#post1376817
    which doesn't quite apply to ram disks? He first said

    Are you transcoding from one hdd to another? It can be upto 4X faster if you do.

    And if they are PATA hdds , make sure they are on different ribbons.

    He later said

    Transcoding picks up the video progressively, then puts it where you tell it to.

    The interrupt request because of reading and writing to the same hdd, is what slows things down. A 10 GB video takes 10 minutes verses 28 minutes for me. Nice difference.
  4. Makes senses for HDDs which have limited tranfer rates by device and controller, but for ram drives it doesn't really apply, splitting the ramdrive in 2 won't make any difference as far as speed is concerned, both drive would be sharing the same resources.
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