MSI Big Bang Mpower or Sabetooth Z77

So im going to upgrade my build to an i5 2500k and was wondering which mother board to get.

My choices are the Sabertooth Z77 or the MSI Big Bang Mpower.

I like the look of the Sabertooth Z77 but the MSI Big Bang Mpower seems to be more optimized for overclocking which i like since i plan to overclock my i5.
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  1. Mpower is what I'd suggest. The saber tooth has those two little fans that need to be used for the best performance and they could be loud. But besides that mpower comes with wifi/bluetooth (i think bluetooth at least), more power phases than sabertooth (16 vs 12) and it also has a plug in for pcie SLI/Xfire to ensure enough juice is there for stability. Also MSI guarantees that the Mpower has been checked so that every area power is delivered to works correctly and that the board can withstand a 4.6Ghz overclock (at least on a i7 3770k). The Mpower also has had great benchmarks from the reviews I've seen.

    Honestly the only thing I can give the sabertooth is that it probably has better bios, but definitely has better included software, such as fanxpert 2 and the rest.

    I myself am either gonna buy the mpower, or asrock OC formula. I was considering the gigabyte UP5 TH (another good choice close to your budget) and the Asus Maximus V Formula. The MPower generally beats the UP5 and is pretty damn close to the MVF in benchmarks. What do you plan on doing with your computer?

    Most people are gonna tell you to get a z68, as you won't get a few things native to Z77 (e.g.PCIe 3.0) since the i5 2500 isn't ivy bridge so you'd be paying a premium for a few things you wouldn't be able to use. Just an FYI, in case there's a better z68 mobo at that price range.
  2. The Sabertooth is an excellent board , the two small fans are quiet so no problems there. I have mine overclocked at 4.6Ghz without a hitch.
    The board has plenty of features and it also looks great. Its a good solid board.
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