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I have almost have everything I need to start building my computer, the last thing I need is a case. Basically what I am looking for is a sick lookin case that has a good amount of space, good reviews, 4 or more spots for fans, and about 100 dollars. I have no experience with cases as I have always just built from a case that was part of a whole computer set. These are some cases that I have found. If anyone has had experience with these let me know how they are or point me out to a case that you think will work. Thanks!

-Aerocool Strike-x GT

-Aerocool syclone II

- Coolermaster storm enforcer

-Antec DF-35

- Raidmax aedus


Intel i5 2500k SB
GTX 460
ASUS mother board
4-5 fans
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  1. CM Storm series are pretty good looking, large, and plenty of air cooling.
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