3 monitor gaming setup; how many graphics cards?


I am putting together a 3-monitor gaming rig. Each monitor has 1920x1080 resolution.

Say I have a pile of Radeon HD 6950 cards at my disposal. How many of them should I use before I see very diminished returns by adding an extra card? 2 in CrossFire? 3 in CrossFire?

If you need more hardware information, you can assume an Intel i5 2500K processor, 8GB RAM, and Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 motherboard.

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  1. A related question: Is it recommended to connect the monitors to the DVI output ports on the graphics card, and have the driver sort out which display is what, or is using TRIPLEHEAD2GO better/easier?
  2. Quote:
    for eyefinity it is best to use 2DVI and 1 mini display port monitor or 1 mini display port to DVI.

    So you would connect all monitors to the same graphics card (the first one), and thus in effect, the second graphics card becomes a slave/assistant/accelerator for the first card?

    a single HD6950 2GB should be enough for playing most games at 5760*1080 though.
    If u think more performance is needed, I's say assing another HD6950 for 2X CFX is enough since 2 HD6950 = 1 HD6990

    Ah, great, thanks. I am assembling a rig built around the Asus Maximus IV GENE-Z, on which I will have two AMD 7xxx cards in CrossFire when they come out (and until then, a single HD 6950).
  3. As for number of cards your board hjas only 2 slots and together they run at 8x/8x so 2 cards is the maximum for your board.
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