My computer cant boot from cd even if its bootable..

i am using a bootable cd but my computer will not boot to cd so i can not reformat..please help i need it asap. thanks
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  1. Go into the bios at startup by pressing delete (usually) and set cd drive to first boot priority and save changes. The following website explains how to get into bios if you have problems
  2. i already set the cd drive to first boot and save changes of course and still it wont boot, is there any options in order to boot to cd?
  3. At startup, did it ask you to press any key to boot from cd. That's what it usually does.

    Is it the original cd you are using or a copy? Try another bootable cd see if that works.

    I don't know what level of experience you are so I guess we have to check the basics first :)
  4. i already did all that and besides i used that same cd in another computer and reformat it and with this computer i can not reformat because it wont boot.
  5. couple of things to check.

    Is the drive faulty, has it been reading other disks ok recently?
    Is the drive a CD drive and the boot disk a DVD?

    May be stupid things to check but i've seen stupid things many times.
  6. Hey, I Have A Simlar Or Same Problem On My Hp Pavillion dv 5000, the cd drive works my computer just wont boot from it for some odd reason i also noticed that on the bios (or the boot order) that theres a ! mark next to the cd drive. and when i press esc on startup (opens boot menu so you dont have to change the boot order) the cd drive is not on the list, i dont know why. the disk works on other computers.
  7. I also had a similar problem where linux wouldn't boot the CD. It turned out that the problem was that the dvd rw was plugged into the sata 3 and would not work. After switching to sata 2 port it worked.
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