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  1. If you can find one for around $400 get a gtx 580. Definitely the best single card performance. Otherwise consider crossfiring two 6870's. The latter is cheaper but Xfire can have problems
  2. Have you bought your PSU yet? and what resolution are you using?
  3. The PSU is up there. And I will be using 1280x1024 resolution for now.
  4. I was asking if you bought it yet, if not ....get a better one.

    At your resolution, I would not spend $400 on a GPU. Please consider a 1080p monitor first, or settle for something cheaper.
  5. Ill be getting a better monitor later. Do you have any recommendations for the PSU, or what graphics card I should get in specific?
  6. PSU ==> OCZ Great deal with rebate

    Your resolution is pretty low, how long before upgrading you think?
  7. Not long, lets just assume I have a better one.
  8. So I now have a 750W PSU, but I still don't know what grpahics card to buy.

    Also, is it just me, or is newegg a little bit limited with graphics cards in my price range?
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