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Motherboard Swap, UEFI and Windows 7 on SSDs

Hi everyone. I recently RMA'd my motherboard and this time, it actually works. :D However, I'm having trouble booting into Windows. I'm currently using an OCZ Vertex 3 as my boot drive, a Hitachi 2TB for data, and a second Hitachi 2TB with a copy of Windows 32-bit on it. My problem is that when the Windows Splash screen pops up, only the red and green part of the windows logo fly around for half a second and then windows crashes. Anyone know how to fix this? I'm posting this in the motherboard section because I know I've had this problem before and fixed it somehow, but I don't remember. It might have been from tweaking in the BIOS/UEFI. Any help? I'm, pretty sure it's a problem stemming from UEFI.
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    The only thing that comes to mind quickly here is to ensure all drives are set to NTFS and not FAT32 in BIOS.
  2. Actually, I just popped in my Windows 7 CD and used the repair tool on there. Everything is nice and dandy now. Thanks for the help anyways!
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