Spilled water into computer!

So, long story short I spilled an open water bottle into the top fan of my computer, and it instantly shut off. I've isolated the problem to the Graphics Card, (im PRETTY sure), but I wanted to ask here just to double check.

Everytime I try to turn on my computer with the video card that got water on it, the monitor just stays on sleep mode even though the computer is on. If I plug 1 6-pin connector into the video card, the computer will boot but the monitor says black.. but if i plug both 6-pins into the GPU then the computer won't even boot. I ended up pulling an old radeon x300 out and I'm using that now, but before I drop another $200 on a new video card, can I be sure that it's the GPU and not my power supply even? I just wanted to double check. Thanks!
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  1. Since you swapped out the gpu and it works fine I will agree with you that your other gpu is messed up I would try it in another system if you can just to double check. Also if you have a volt meter check the volt coming out of your 6 pin. Good luck man..
  2. Thank you christop, I need all of the luck i can get
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