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CPU temps running a lot better now

I had to fix stock Intel cooler tabs on the MoBo for a better fit. I apparently didn't twist them on the right way (very misleading on Intel's part, go figure)... anyways, my question is.

On my i5-2500K, the temps range from 30C-45C (90F-113f) --when watching a video or editing pics-.
Do I need to worry about these temps now or not?
I was considering removing the stock cooler and putting on a Hyper 212...but I thought I'd ask here first.

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  1. Those temps are fine. If you are planning to overclock in the future then the 212 would be a good idea!
  2. Run OCCT's CPU tests or Prime 95 to see "under load" temps
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    There is nothing wrong with those temps as with any cpu once you start to use it whether it be gaming or watching video or editing pics the temps will start to creep up. The thermal threshold on the cpu will throttle it down automaticly if you reach it and that temp is in the area of 90c. There is nothing wrong with adding an after market cooler , there is a large variety of them and the better the cooler the lower the temps.
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