Need help with my pls..

Hi. I am not sure where the problem comes from, but my computer "freezes" in a way that the colours of my screen go haywire. It is something like purple lightning passing through the screen, and the whole screen is filled with them. Then, after some time it will completely hang. I am unable to move my mouse or anything. At this time, i will restart. Sometimes, i waited. Then the BOD appears. This occurs not only during gaming sessions, even when i am researching on my homework, it happens. So let me summarize everything for you pros:
1. Screen freezes.
2. Colours go haywire.
3. Sound will jam up.(keep repeating like a machine gun)
4. BOD appears.

Here are my PC's info:
Processor: Intell(R) Core(TM) i3-2100 CPU @3.10GHz
OS: Windows XP
Graphic card: NVIDIA Geforce GTS450

What I did to resolve this issue:
1. Add a fan.(i thought it was overheating)
2. Reformatted my PC.
3. Upgraded my processor.(i thought my old one wasnt powerful enough for my graphic card)

All of the above did not work and it costs me loads of money. So, to all the pros out there. Please help me with my problem. Thanks.
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  1. What psu?
    3gb ram = strange!
  2. Sounds like your graphics card is dodgy. Can you test another card or do you have an onboard card? If you have an onboard card try disabling it if it is not disabled already. Sometimes onboard and plugin cards conflict.

    edit- good point 3gb is strange
  3. @davconerm...what is a psu
    @seogoat how to diable the onboard card?
  4. PSU=Power Supply Unit. Ironically I'm sitting with the exact same problem. Dodgy video card is the number 1 suspect here.
  5. bad ram on the card, can you try underclocking it, to see what happened.
  6. @monkey U r saying that my graphic card is 'too good' for my other components?
  7. joeyinng said:
    @monkey U r saying that my graphic card is 'too good' for my other components?

    No. Bad RAM=faulty memory. Lowering the clock speed may help it run more stable, but the card is probably failing.
  8. what he said ^ , thanks.

    If that makes it more stable then you have proven that you have a failing GPU, RMA it, or get a new one, if you are not gaming it could be a really cheap one. Could you use the CPU's on board GPU? or does your mobo not support that? It'll isolate out the problem.
  9. The card is failing as in not compatible? or spoilt?
  10. Run HW Monitor and FurMark at the same time and tell me what the temperatures are for the system at the moment that it starts to get crazy.
  11. Sorry, i dont get it.
  12. Do you know a translator?
  13. ok..will find out.
  14. underlocking doesnt seemed to work.
  15. @raiddin the temps are just d same.
  16. Numbers, what numbers?

    Also, please take pictures of the inside and link them.
  17. inside the CPU?
  18. can you try the internal graphics from the cpu? i.e. from the i3-2100?
  19. joeyinng said:
    inside the CPU?

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