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I really hope I get some replies to this one as the last two posts I made seemed to fly under the radar.

My issue is that after I had finished my computer and installed windows xp(windows 7 refused to install due to an issue detecting the dvd drive) I learned that the mouse won't work when plugged into any usb port. The mouse works fine on this computer so I know it's not faulty.

Another thing is when I put the Mobo disk into the DVD drive it doesn't seem to detect that either, though it will run the windows xp/7 installation disks(though as stated before, windows 7 refused to work during the installation)

Any help on this would be appreciated.

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  1. If you're trying to connect the usb mouse through the back (directly into the mobo), then you may still need to go to and download a driver.
    If it isn't working when installed on the front, try moving the USB connector cable from the front panel to a different spot on the mobo.
    Windows XP might not support your mobo anyways since XP is so outdated.
  2. The usb mouse doesn't work in any port in both the front and back. I have the DVD that came with the Mobo still, but it doesn't seem like it gets read as nothing pops up and when I go to My Computer the disc drive is empty.

    The manual does state that it supports XP, Vista, and 7 in all versions. However, after looking further into the manual I think the source of my problem might be the DVR. According to the manual if I was able to run the Mobo support DVD I would be able to install the items on it which seems to include USB 3.0 driver.

    Which brings me to my next question. What is wrong with my DVR that it won't read DVD's?
  3. The mouse should go without having to install any drivers. Make sure that you have plugged your DVD drive onto a controller on your Motherboard that supports DVD Drives. Some controllers only support HDD and SSD technology. It may well kick off the install but Win 7 will not be able to interface with the DVD Drive due to hardware controller incompatibility. The mouse should load up when setup loads the driver during install. (Assuming Im right about DVD Drive)
  4. Go to System>Device manager and check for conflicts involving the USB controller /and also the DVD drive/.
  5. Wamphryi said:
    The mouse should go without having to install any drivers. Make sure that you have plugged your DVD drive onto a controller on your Motherboard that supports DVD Drives. Some controllers only support HDD and SSD technology. It may well kick off the install but Win 7 will not be able to interface with the DVD Drive due to hardware controller incompatibility. The mouse should load up when setup loads the driver during install. (Assuming Im right about DVD Drive)

    The computer doesn't seem to be able to recognize the mouse. When it is plugged in it is labeled as an unknown device, though it still doesn't work. The mouse itself will light up, but when moved nothing happens. The DVD drive seems to be plugged in right. It did work before with starting both Windows 7/XP and the Mobo support DVD, but for some reason it no longer wants to run any disc at all.


    I went to the Device Manager and after checking for the conflicts it seems to state that the support for the USB has yet to be installed(missing driver or such), though it is unable to fix the problem on its own. I thought maybe it was because it lacked internet access, but when plugged in to my modem it doesn't seem to change at all.
  6. Then you just don't have necessary drivers installed. Install the drivers and it should be OK. You may find them on your mobo manufacturer's site. A mouse itself doesn't need special drivers to perform the usual 3 button functionality, but the controller itself may fall in conflicts without proper drivers. It often happens with laptops, where the USB controller falls in conflicts with WiFi and Bluetooth devices /the reason is - a lot of devices there/ but it's not imposible to happen on a desktop too, especially with more complicated configs on mobos with lots of stuff on them...
  7. Well as I stated earlier I don't have access to the internet on the desktop in question; however, I do on the laptop I'm currently using. So, I can go to the site to download the necessary drivers, but due to the fact that my DVR refuses to read disks at the moment, that doesn't seem to be a viable option right now.
  8. And ... how exactly I may help you with that?
    You should find a way to put the damn drivers on your computer. Burn them on a CD for ex.? Try something. Or do you expect me to do it for you?
  9. Dude,

    The man just wants a bit of help with his system. His DVD Drive, his USB and Internet are down. He cant load any drivers.
  10. Random,

    I think your Motherboard may be faulty.
  11. NEC® USB 3.0 controller
    - 2 x USB 3.0/2.0 ports (at back I/O)
    AMD SB850 chipset
    - 12 x USB 2.0 ports (5 ports at mid-board, 7 ports at back I/O, 1 port at back I/O is also for ROG connect)

    Ok it seems that you have an abundance of USB 2.0 ports and one of them should run the mouse.

    1) Make sure that your USB 2.0 controller is enabled in BIOS assuming that such an option exists.

    2) If there is no option or the controller is active I suspect that you have motherboard issues. You may have to consider the RMA option.
  12. From bios set sata port 5-6 to ide mode and attach your DVD on that ports (chapter 3 page 19 from manual, 3.4.5 - Storage Configuration)
  13. It seems he managed to install Windows and now there is a mysterious DVD and USB failure. That mouse should work on the USB 2 Ports. The fact that it doesn't indicates a wider issue.
  14. "The fact that it doesn't indicates a wider issue."

    Yes, it indicates he has a USB controller conflict. Most likely. It's indicated in the device manager. Until he renders it out it's kind of too early to trash a motherboard and buy a new one. Don't you think it's cheaper to troubleshoot a possible driver issue as to buy a new hardware? When you want to upgrade your graphics card drivers, do you download the drivers or you go to buy a new card?
    He can get his optical drive working, burn the drivers on a CD and install them from there. Even if for that he needs to completely switch off the conflicting USB controller from the BIOS. Just a few simple things :)
    B.t.w. may try switching off the ACPI feature from the BIOS and see if the conflict resolves that way.
  15. The information in Device Manager indicates that a USB Controller is missing its driver. That will almost certainly be the USB 3.0 Controller. The USB 2.0 controller however would certainly be working under normal circumstances as the drivers for USB 2.0 have been around for years and are loaded the moment the installer kicks in at set up. Therefore if the mouse is not working on the USB 2.0 ports as has been indicated then its seems more than possible there is a hardware related issue.

    Random, can you confirm the mouse works on another computer? Is it possible for you to remove the DVD drive and try that out in another computer? This way we can eliminate possibilities and start to narrow things down.


    The board should be under warranty so that means he doesn't have to buy a new one. Also there is a good chance that if he turns off the ACPI feature in BIOS then his system will bluescreen when the OS tries to load with the wrong drivers.
  16. Wamphryi you are right about the warranty /I didn't pay attention on that/ but still he should send it for replacement and wait until the new one arrives. So, for me it worth trying to troubleshoot. And the system may or may not BSOD. And even if it does, you restart it in Safe mode.
    Also I am not very common with the latest AMD tech but does it have something like AHCI or does the SATA controller work in IDE mode?
    If so switching off the AHCI /or what similar advanced controller mode it eventually has/ and making the SATA controller to work in IDE mode worth trying.

    Ah, and just to add - IMHO lacking the right drivers for the USB3 controller may actually cause a conflict with the USB2 controller, as the system may try to configure the USB3 as USB2 and mess them up. And although you are generally right that a USB2 controller should work right without drivers, at least in a desktop, I saw enough USB2 controllers not working because of lack of proper drivers, mostly on laptops indeed, and in some OEM systems, that it makes me consider possible similar issues in this case.
  17. It is definitely worth while trying to troubleshoot. Lets start from the top. Going back over previous posts from Random:

    1) We know the mouse works as he is using it on the machine he is using to post here.
    2) We know the PC has issues at a setup level as the DVD Drive seems to boot the Install disks for XP and Win 7 but the Win 7 install does not complete.

    XP installs but the DVD and mouse wont work and Win 7 wont install at all. This indicates to me that this is more than a Driver issue. Win 7 has all the Drivers needed to get a basic installation running yet it does not install. The fact that XP does is of interest.

    I have found what could well be the problem. The optical drive being the DVD Drive must be plugged into the "lone black SATA Port off to the side" as demonstrated by this picture.

    Random can you please confirm that the DVD Drive is plugged into that specific SATA port? You have to scroll down to see the picture but the SATA port in question appears to be seated just below the Red Main SATA Ports.

    I also note that this motherboard does not support Legacy. This may be an issue for running a Mouse under XP. If the DVD drive functions correctly on the black SATA port it should allow the installation of Win 7 and that should manage the mouse.
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