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Hello,Do you guys think the gtx 580 will drop in price considering the price patterns of it? I'm thinking about getting one at the end of summer and wondering if it would get any cheeper. If it doesn't I will get the 570.
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  1. Not sure. But it wouldn't surprise me if it did drop price.
  2. For the moment I would say no. AMD is still behind on reducing the 40 nm TSMC. Obviously once they get it down in size, nvidia will be forced to react. Either by introducing new products or by lowering the price of existing products.

    So my conclusion? Buy what you need right now. You can't predict the future. The market might stay the same or it might be turned up side down in 2 months time. The right time to buy is when you feel like you need an upgrade. The 570 is for sure an awesome card, and as long as console ports are the norm, it will last for a very long time.
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