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Hello, I'm new on this forum and i signed up here because i need help, so I think that you will help me. The problem is this.

I have recently bought new configuration. MB: ASUS Sabertooth P67, CPU: Intel Core i7 2600K, Cooler: Thermaltake Contac 29BP, Ram: Kingston Hyper X Genessis 4GB, HDD: Samsung HD103SJ 1TB, PSU: Cooler Master Silent Pro 700W, VGA: Gigabyte 8500GT (My old one), Case: Cooler Master Elite 430 (with 3 intake fans, and 2 exhaust fans)

I can't make it stable. I'm starting stress test with Aida 64, and it works for 10 minutes. The temepratures are Ok. They are from 59 to 64 celsius, but after nearly ten minutes the machine restarts. I think that the cooling is Ok, but why the pc restarts everytime when i put him on stress test?

Any idea ?
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  1. Thermal overload could be causing the restart. Keep a close eye on temps until the machine shuts down. If they are over 80c check to see if the fan on the heat sink is working, if it is you may need to re-seat the heat sink.
  2. I have already reseted the heat sink but nothing. Also I use Cooler Master thermal paste and the temperatures did not pass 64 celsious.
  3. The case and cooler should easily handle that system , so my guess would be that you have too much thermal paste between the cooler and the cpu .

    ONE tiny drop is all you need . Its to fill micro pores too small to be seen , not to add a thick heavy layer .
    Also check the cooler is seated properly . If you can feel it moving then its not on firmly enough

    EDIT: if all else fails try using the stock cooler , with the pre-installed thermal paste
  4. I think that I solved the problem.

    It passed 20 minutes with stress test from Aida64 with successful results.

    The problem was the voltage on the Ram. It was 1.6, and it should be 1.5V because is Sandy Bridge.

    Thanks to everybody.
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