GTX 570 SLI with two different models but same manufacturer

Hello all

Just trying to find out as I have a GigabyteGTX 570 N570D5-13I-B and these are now starting to be come hard to get I have looked at N570OC-13I as I want to buy a second one for SLI would this work in SLI ?
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More about models manufacturer
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    Hell and welcome to the forums
    Yes it will work(brands don't matter)
    And if you need more info,check the SLI/CF FAQ(link in my sig)
  2. Thanks for your reply am a long time reader but first time I could not source the information.

    I have read through your Links aand pretty much gathered that I can buy that model and it will work by scaling down the clock to the same speed as the lowest one.
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