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Hey folks-I dont have dual pci-e x16 slots, but only I was wondering if I could use this instead for a dedicated card:

I read that an 8x series nvidia card can be used as such. What do you think?

How would I go about this if I purchase a 6950 HD? Are the two compatible? What would I have to do?

Can someone please please advise me? Thanks!
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  1. I think that will work. The requirements are an 8 series or newer card because the PhysX is handled via CUDA code so you need the unified shader architecture. The 7 series and below has the pixel and vertex shaders separate. The card also needs to have 256MBs or more of memory. The prevents any "turbo cache" cards from being used.

    There are a host of reasons why this is a bad idea however. First, that card is a lowend card so its ability to run CUDA will be horrible. As in if you bought a GTX560(TI) and ran the PhysX on it you'd get better effects. Second, Nvidia prevents what you want to do when it detects an AMD card being used. There are hacks and tricks to get around this, but why bother? Third, few games support running PhysX on the card. This means you are probably better off spending that $71 on a faster CPU, or an SSD, etc. Something that will matter in more games/things.
  2. Can you recommend an SSD I could purchase. I'm not tech savvy and not too sure about installing a new processor. Maybe one day I will but not right now.
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    I don't follow SSDs that much. Probably the newest Corsair or Intel one. (Corsair is currently recalling one, make sure you don't buy that one.)
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