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I'm a bit distressed that I can't seem to find any full cover water blocks for the GTX 580 (at least, the ASUS DirectCU II, anyways) that fit this card. It's extremely frustrating, so I'm considering other options, such as using a universal GPU block instead, and then cooling the RAM and such using some other method. Ideally, I wanted to have a full cover, but I'm not finding anything yet.

Would anyone be of any assistance in this matter? I'm aware it's rather specific, but perhaps someone who happens to be running a custom loop with one of these graphics cards would have a an idea as to what I'm getting at here.

Also, I figured it would be helpful to mention/add that the layout of the ASUS GTX 580 differs slightly from the majority of GTX 580 cards. A commonly used GTX 580 card is the EVGA model, which I have compared to the ASUS model below:
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  1. Have you checked here; they have blocks for non-reference cards. If not give em a email, may be point you in the right direction.
  2. I did check that site, however if you notice, a lot of the VGA blocks either say outright that they are incompatible with the ASUS GTX 580, or have a list (interactive or no) which eventually reads the same answer. For example, the site I used to find those pictures of each card was from the EK compatibility wizard, which I redirected from the link you provided after a google search last night.

    As it stands, my options are rather slim. I do have a grinder, but I'm afraid to damage the channels within the water block that I snagged off of a friend. He had, and I now have, the Koolance GTX 580 water block. I'm thinking of sanding/grinding it down so that it fits over the capacitors, where the standard GTX 580s do not have these.
  3. Yeah looks like you'll have to go deep (too deep) to clear those caps.
    The DCII cooler does a decent job but its big, why change it with the added cost and all?
    I have 2 DCII 6950's but can,t get the 2nd one in my case. So I'm in the process of building a custom job! I love the way they look and they OC really well.
    Edit; Just did some looking around and it seems there isn't a full wb made for this card. Perhaps you can find someone to make you a custom block, know any machinists? I came across this Mod Men show episode #4 video clip where there making a CPU water block, check it out!
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