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currently i have


and i was wondering if i purchase this kit again can i upgrade to 16gb or do i need to look into an actual 16gb set? I have heard that g.skill pairs their kits to work right and some wont work doubled. I think it will work, and everything looks like it will but just not sure. I have ASRock Z68 PRO3 GEN3 LGA 1155 MB.
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  1. Although it is usually suggested that ram be bought in kits, I have purchased two identical kits at different times and had no problems (I've done that a few times). There is the possibility of them not playing well together but if you have the ram and simply want to add identical sticks I don't think the risk of incompatibility is that great that you should spend more for a full kit.
    My $0.02 worth
  2. Two identical dual channel kits is the same as a quad channel kit.
  3. Technically not, each kit will have perfectly matched memory to be used in a single system for optimal performance. It is possible to have two kits that do not work well together, so keep this in mind. But since you already have a kit, go ahead and get another one to add and take that risk. If there is any problem, contact us directly, we can troubleshoot and provide a solution. We will make sure 16GB is working flawlessly in your computer.

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    geekapproved said:
    Two identical dual channel kits is the same as a quad channel kit.
  4. well nice to see gskill has a rep watching these forums. Ill keep this in mind as i start looking towards upgrading, just hate to shell out another 50bucks only to have to buy a 16gb kit in the end haha
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