Radeon HD 6870 Multiple Display Failure

Hi. I bought a Sapphire Radeon HD 6870 and replaced a Nvidia 9800GT.

With my old Nvidia, I had no problem running 2 VGA displays via DVI adapters.

Running dual DVI with the Radeon doesn't work. It doesn't read my second monitor at all.

The monitors themselves have a HDMI port, so I have tried that as well plugging 1 monitor in with DVI and the other with HDMI. During start up, the second monitor responded with the same screen as the other, just duplicating it. To me, I believed that was good news, but before I am able to Log In to the OS (Windows 7), it will BSOD on me.

Using 1 monitor works fine via DVI.

HDMI by itself causes BSOD.

Please tell me what I need to do to get both my monitors working with this new card, the card is awesome, but I'm fond of my second monitor set-up.
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  1. Sorry to be captain obvious as I've only used one ATI card, but have you updated drivers? Have you tried to run the working monitor on all ports to make sure a port isint dead?
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    Also, I looked up the issue (trying to be at least a tiny bit helpful :3) And found this: "The 6870 has a DVI-D port and a DVI-I. You have to run the vga connector on the DVI-I port with an adapter and the other monitor has to be run on the DVI cable. " Hope this helps a bit. As for BSOD when using HDMI and VGA
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  3. Did you clean off previous drivers thoroughly? Which AMD drivers version are u using?
  4. AMD Radeon HD 6800 Series
    Driver Version: 8.861.0.0

    as per Device Manager.

    As far as a DVI cable goes, I haven't tried that yet. And I will love you forever if it works. Now hopefully I have a cable...

    I did a clean reformat last night, retried all the possibilities I had available to me with the same result. No response on dual vga with adapters, and HDMI still BSOD's. The driver version I reinstalled is the same as above.

    I will be trying a DVI cable later tonight and will post back with results.
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  6. DVI Cable + VGA Cable w/ Adapter was the winning combination. I finally was able to configure it the way my old Nvidia had it. Thank you very much for your help. It's a really annoying feature of this video card, but a twenty dollar cable fixed my situation and I'm happy. Thanks.
  7. No problem. :) Glad you're all fixed up and working.
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