Need Best Graphics Card for my new PC

Basic information

AMD Phenom II 965
MSI 870 G 45
4G 1333 DDR 3
Antec PS NSK4482 380W

now need a Graphics card Thank you
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  1. whats the budget, top card such as GTX 580 or ati 6950/70 are top of the line atm
  2. What's your budget? The budget will have to include a new power supply unit(PSU).
    If you ad something like 6950 you will be able to play at 1920x1080 almost all games maxed out.
  3. Depending on your budget and resoultion I would suggest going with a 6870,GTX560ti or a 6950 1G/2G.Of course with any of those GPU's your going to have to upgrade your power supply like everyone has already stated.

    I would also suggest your CPU to get the best performance if you decide to get one of these higher end cards.

    I have gotten my 965 to 3.8ghz and i'm sure your chip can be pushed to 4ghz without to much effort as well.
  4. I'm pretty sure you can get a GTX460 1G for $150 easily.
  5. what are you using for a monitor.... size/res.......... what's your budget ? what games do you play ?
  6. The size of the monitor is irrelevant :) . The rest counts.
  7. BS!......
  8. I don't understand what that stands fore. If you want i can post some abbreviations in my language for you to try to understand :d .
  9. ionut19 "BS" describes the the condition of grass after having been processed by a bull's digestive system. But I think swifty is saying it because you said monitor size doesn't matter.

    Resolution size is what matters although usually larger monitors have higher resolutions.

    Chemericash you need to edit your post or submit a new one and let these guys know the specifics. (including your specific monitor resolution, budget and games you play). No sense asking for advice and not giving them enough information to give it! :)
  10. So you have a 22"(witch is a smaller screen) 1080p monitor and a 32" monitor also 1080p. Size doesn't matter. Resolution matters.

    I think swifty should refrain from posting "bull***" . (no offense to the starter of the topic, excuse my off topic)
  11. i think that this is one of those gtx 590 vs hd 6990 questions
  12. He actually did say resoultion in his post.


    is what he said.
  13. BS.............. Bad Suggestion......... :non:
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