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Pentium D 925 3ghz vs Dual Core E5200

So im not sure which is better because the Pentium D 925 has a better clock of 3ghz and cache of 4mb then the Dual Core E5200 which has 2.50ghz clock speed and 2mb cache
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    Comparing the Pentium D 955 Extreme vs the E5200 there, and it shows the E5200 stomping the Pentium D 955 in almost every bench (and where it doesn't beat it, it is still a close call).

    Remember clock speed doesn't always mean old processors are faster than newer processors, even if they had technically 'faster' clock speeds.
  2. e5200 pawns pent d
  3. 1- Clock speed is not the final determinant of processor performance.
    2- Prior to purchasing any cpu, make a list of your commonly used applications
    3- Determine Budget, select processor
    - Ensure upgrade path if you need to
    4- Study benchmarks including that cpu and its most direct competitor
    5- Ask previous/current owners
    6- Purchase cpu
    7- Finally, Never regret. In technology, you are aways making the best decision in a 'frame of time' (sorta like the inertial frame of reference).
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