Build advice/tips would be great!

well, going to be a year before i can start building for lack of money, but im planning on a build that is more than suited for the current games and future ones as well.

im hoping to do a 700-800$ gaming rig build. heres what i have so far:

CPU: intel core i5 2500k-220$

MOBO:GIGABYTE GA-Z68P-DS3 LGA 1155 Intel Z68 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s ATX Intel Motherboard: 110$

HSF:coolermaster hyper 212 hsf: 30$

HDD: samsung 1tb 60$


PSU:550 watt antec bp550-55$

Case: CM HAF 912: 60$

RAM: crucial 4gb ddr3 ballistix sport- 30$

OS:Win 7 HP- 130$

extra fans: 2 coolermaster led fans 120mm- 20$

TOTAL- 715$ (not including tax/shipping)

uses: (greatest to least): gaming, internet multitasking, schoolwork, other everyday uses (eg. internet radio not buffering every 20 seconds liek my compaq evo)

i didnt include the gpu for a reason, it add expence and i chose a mobo that i think supports igp, i know this isnt great for gaming BUT: gpus that i wanted cost 130$ so, ill save on cost by getting a nice mobo (i think the one i have is good but its the thing im most worried about) and waiting afterwards until i can afford the gpu i wanted, then after that i could buy another and crossfire them as an upgrade (probably only when and if i need it) so the things i MOSTLY need help on are the motherboard, it has to have igp, the correct socket and chipset, and 16x16 crossfire support, i think this mobo i have will do fine but i want to make sure.

i am just looking for more build advice, tips, etc, i would really rather not go over 750$ (for the sake of being able to get the thing as soon as possible, it would probably take me a year or so to get the money for it if i cant get a job other than mowing lawns/shoveling rooves/etc) but i could rpobably get to 800 if my head doesnt explode waiting["killing everyone for miles" lol] btu if there is a vital flaw in my design other than the gpu then it woul dbe extremely helpful for someone to point that out and/or make a suggestion by the way i plan on radeon 6770 gpu/s. thanks!
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  1. note: if you need me to post a link for the current mobo/any other parts just ask. i didnt make the hdd very specific because i search it on newegg and its one of the first hits/the first, also, all of my parts are currently from newegg and i would like to keep it that way, easyer to order and ship and good reviews etc etc and all that good stuff.
  2. Your build would be appropriate for today.

    But in a year, ivy bridge, bulldozer, kepler etc will be here using smaller manufacturing technology.
    The economics will change, making any current research useless.

    I think you can coung on being able to get better price performance when it actually comes time to build.
  3. i know my current items will be outdated, but they could still perform well enough for gaming to compete with the ivy and bulldozers, and the current components will most likely be cheaper then as well. so i could get the performance that i cpuld get if i built now, (which is pretty high end right now and should be able to run things that are able to run on the newer parts almostr as well, so if i got amazing performance now with the build then when more comes out and it gets outdated then ill still have, good performance, if not the same but not as well comparitivly etc etc. which is why i wont be buying the ivy bridge/bulldozers, ill just get slightly outdates parts and wait for the generation after this coming one, then upgrade to whatever comes out after ivy/bulldozer. so good performance until upgrade then great performance see?
  4. But $700 after all the new stuff is out will buy you so much more than you would get with these components; it'd be a waste to invest in this. This is how the product cycle works...
  5. I am confused.

    Are you planning to build within a couple of months, or next year?

    If you will be building now, you will have no regrets in a year from now, your build will still be good.

    And, don't count on current parts dropping in price. It does not seem to happen.
  6. i mean its 700$ now, if i use these components later it well be less, so i could get this system (which will still be very good) sooner, then start saving for the system after that. i dont like to spend 600-1000$ every year just to have the latest computer hardware, lots of people are still using core 2 quads for gaming and those are very old now, btu they still work. so, if i have 700$ when its time to build then i can get either lots of gpu/psu/ram upgrades or get a similar performance system but with much lower end versions of the new hardware, i would rather have top of the line, SLIGHTLY outdated hardware than bottom of the line new hardware that is still goingo to get outdated by new hardware in a year or two after, theres just no point.
  7. and it will probably be some time next summer when i have the money for it. and if the current stuff doesnt drop in price then doesnt that means that the new stuff would be even more expencive, meaning i could only get lower end versions of new hardware.
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