What are the GFX cards that will work on these specs good ?

motherboard : Intel 945GCM-S2L
Intel Core 2 Duo 3.0 ghz
4 gb DDR2 ram
and now don't put care about the power supply , I know that every GFX card have it's power requirments
Also ,will a 96 cuda cores GFX will work without lag or video to be slower than sound like in Assassin's creed
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  1. Because you have an older CPU, you are not going to be able to fully utilize the power of the latest and greatest graphics cards such as a GTX 570/HD 6950 or better. Is the 96 CUDA cores a GT 430? Those are not designed for gaming, you will only be able to play at low resolutions and settings.
  2. a correction : it is a pentium 4 3.0 ghz and maybe i would buy a core 2 Duo and that pc is not my main but i want to make a use of it
    but please answer for the two cases (P4 and C2D)
    1) 1900 X 1080 or a 1152 X 864
    2)going to play a CoD BO, GTA IV, and so like that
    4)Egyptian I am !! :)
    5)I like to play without graphic slowment ,and as it is not the main so i search for a fast medium graphic options, and for that will a 9600 GT 64 CUDA 256 bit
    9800 GT 112 C 256 bit
    GT 430 96 C 128 bit
    GT 520 48 C 64 bit (maybe good for the PC specs) better than GT220 by other comparisons
    GT 220 48 C 128 bit
    GTS 250 128 C 256 bit
    work good, or just work?
    I ask certainly about a 96 CUDAs as i have an acer aspire 5742g with an nvidia GT 540m with 96 Cuda and AC 1 worked perfectly with the highest graphic options and full multisampling with no piece of performance or quality problem
    Will the 9800GT, GTS 450, GT 430-40 Work good or perfect with games like said before on a new pc system wich specs are

    AMD PhenomII 550 7 mb cache
    4gb DDR3
    a high PSU case

    Sorry for late replay

    You can get Info from
  3. 1)I have a Full HD 21.5" & a CRT 17"
    5)I don't limit myself that's an old pc system and i compared the 96 Cudas and there isn't a wide defference but the 3d thing and DX11 and the clocks are different and i won't care a lot, that's an old pc i want to get the better for it
    6)I know that an intel processor is widely better but i want to make a quite similar choice with a less budget money. The new Core I7 models can't work on a same motherboard and that is a problem that i can't upgrade the processor on the future.
    so an AMD looks better as the Computer Engineer in the shop told me
    the next reply will have the Intel and AMD builds

    7)i have it
    8)the 4th time it's an old system

    I wish you to know that i am talking about an OLD pc of mine and i am going to buy
    the new a few days from now
  4. The AMD | The Intel
    Motherboard | GA-MA78GM-S2H | GA-P65A-UD3
    CPU | AMD Phenom II X550 | I3 2100
    RAM | 2x2 kingston GB DDR3 | the same
    Case | Gamma | Gamma

    PS: the AMD support motherboard has a better built in chipset and.I will also ask for a better motherboard
    I don't overclock
    I will buy a high-end Graphics card for the new system, but i want to know the better for the old also
  5. Ok thanks , but please answer my main question what is the best ATI and Nvidia gfx to work on the pentium 4 3.0 ghz , gigabyte 945gcm-s2l , 2 gb ram
    and what is the best ATI and Nvidia gfx to work on these specs if the CPU was a Core 2 Duo (because i just want new games to work on a decent graphics level and a high fps)
  6. Quote:
    HD6670 is the absolute limit IMO,
    and seriously consider a full platform upgrade

    Thanks friend, and a new platform is a non-questionable ! :D
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