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Hi Folks
I have windows XP home pro.
Internet video streaming is jumpy. media player seems ok.
I have tried most things. also the CPU runs at 100% but cant see on task manager which program it is.
To add to the matter sometimes when I type a letter there is a delay before it gets displayed.
any ideas
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  1. Download and run Process Explorer. It will give you much more info than Task Manager.

    I assume you have already checked for malware with a reputable security program. Also make sure that the jumpyness isn't caused by buffering which would indicate an issue with your internet service. Are you having the same issue with different media players? It would be helpful to know you system specs. Rather than streaming, try downloading the video to you hard drive and play it. Does that make any difference?
  2. Thanks for your reply.
    I am running AMD Dual core on a asus M2V-MX-SE mother board with 3 G of RAM.
    other play back such as Vuze do the same thing media player seems ok I was messing about with removing old programmes when I try to play vuze it seems I have lost Dirext X play back reloaded drivers still the same. I have Bullguard security have scanned and nothing.
    any ideas thanks
  3. we need to know what is causing your cpu to max out at 100%, this will be why its jumpy.

    start task manager

    click processes tabs

    click show all processes

    then look under the cpu bit, it will give you the cpu usage, look for the highest one and report back
  4. Firstly let me thank you all for your replies.
    Have installed new graphic card today which has fixed the Direct X problem It has 512MB on board as mother board had only 32MB.
    Anyways I was hoping with better memory it would solve the problem. BUT Nope it didn't.
    CPU usage which was requested.
    System Idle ranges from 97% when nothing much is running this is reduced and lost when running video.
    Vuze when I am playing video playback takes about 26%
    System interrupts from 2% to 56% the freezes out the computer I am using process explorer to get my data.
    Just when No video is running system Idle 96% Interrupts 2%-5%
    All drivers up to date.
    I am not sure if my Bios has been changed in the past ??
    Any suggestion

  5. system idle process just means thats the % of cpu that is free as it aint doing anything.
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