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  1. Yeah it will all work together fine.
  2. is it a nice setup for gaming
  3. Um if you dont mind me asking what are you going to play and what res? Gtx 580 is nice but atm this is a better card for alot less
  4. 460 2win seems like a good deal, but it will suffer from microstuttering and occasional compatibility issues. Neither of those problems come with the 580.
  5. Yeah ofc, Its just a cheaper way I prefer 1 card to 2 gpu cards but evga made this custom there usally decent, Also most new games are setup better for SLI then they used to be.
  6. Yeah, generally, but even crysis 2 had issues with multi-gpu systems when it first came out, so it still happens sometimes. He'll just have a lot less to worry about with a single fast card. And having witnessed microstuttering with my old gpu (4870x2), I just don't feel right recommending it.
  7. so stick with the setup i posted im going to be playing world of warcraft call of duty and other shooters
  8. You could get the Samsung Spinpoint F3 1 TB drive. It's $50, so faster and cheaper than that western digital.
  9. but other than that the setup is good
  10. Oh wait, also: try and fit a z68 motherboard in. This will allow you to add a small, cheap SSD in as a cache later on.
  11. so take out the asrock and what does the ssd do
  12. and what brand of z68
  13. You could get the gigabyte gaz68 ud4 for $160 or possibly another Asrock that is z68, like the Extreme3 z68. The SSD cache will be for frequently-accessed files. So programs you open a lot, startup items, etc won't be read from the slower hdd, but the ssd instead. Google "Intel SRT" to learn more. It really does seem like a great compromise between either having a capacious and cheap boot drive or fast, small and expensive boot drive.
  14. so really i dont need it just extra money will my gaming be the same with or without the ssd
  15. Yes, it will be the same except for slower load times and your boot will be slower. AsRock Z68 Extreme 3 is $130
  16. but in games will it load sload or just opening programs and it cant be that slow im on a laptop with 1.5ghz 3gb of ram
  17. not to many reviews about asrock z68
  18. the unefficent 4870x2 doesnt even compare to the evga 460x2 it has up to date driver support.
  19. what you talking about?
  20. The 460x2 which i linked above is cheaper and faster=just as fast as the 580 the other guy was pointing out issues that can arise when useing SLI 2 gpus at once.
  21. oh i see how bout 2 580's
  22. 2x 580s lol, Why, if you can afford 2x 580s get a better case,hard drive,psu.
  23. haha no in the future and will 750watts be enough for the 580 and 1tb is enough for me
  24. mabye on a corsair ax750, not a silver.
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