How do I locate my previous posts?

...looking for my previous post about slipstreaming WPro and SP3 but cant locate it...searched for integrating,slipstreaming etc with no it just me or is the forum software somewhat...inadequate...not to mention SLOW!!!...tia
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  1. if you've posted a response to an article, log into the forum, and click the blue flag at the top.
  2. Thanks
  3. Is there any way to access the entire list of my forum activity? Just in case I need to refer back to old info like ko4qc.
  4. log into the american forum and click the first blue flag you come too.
  5. Looks like THF has improved the layout a bit. That blue flag is now part of a list of my recent posts, on the upper right below the header (at least on the US website). At least, that's what I'm seeing. Can someone else confirm?
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