Help, SB Live and windows control panel settings

I have win98 and I recently bought a SB Live X-Gamer sound card...very good card and only 70 bucks.

But I have something I've been wondering about...what exactly does the "sample rate conversion quality" slider affect in the windows control panel? By default it was set at the lowest setting which is labled as "good"...but I want to put it at "Best" which windows says is the slowest?

I want to get the best sound quality possible but I also don't want to lose any fps in games I play over something as fruitless as slightly better sound quality. So my question is what exactly does that slider affect? And will I lose performance in games if I set the quality to highest? Does it even affect games? The main reason why I want to set it at the highest level is because I want my MP3's to sound as good as they can...

If anyone knows anything about what this option affects I would appreciate your help.
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  1. to put it in it's
    simplest form the higher the sampling rate the more cpu useage but if your talking a 1 gig machine who cares
  2. i have the highest rate on my mp3+. i only lost 5fps on my cel 533 w/ 256mb sdram

    ATI RADEON 32MB DDR RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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