Dell XPS M1730 and Windows 7 drivers

A few days ago I wrote a message about the problems I have with this laptop, but for some reason it was lost in the cyberspace...

My problem is that after installing Windows 7 I get an error on two unknown devices because W7 does not have the drivers for them. I'm not missing anything as far as I can tell, but the fact is that those two devices, whatever they are, are not working in my laptop. I thought about the Nvidia SLI PhysiX card that manages the two Ge Force 8800M GTX graphics cards and the memory card reader, but they both work perfectly after installing the proper drivers and I have proof of it. Fact is I still get a Base System Device and a PCI Device as unknown devices. The laptop otherwise is running as fast as ever, actually a lot faster than with Windows Vista and I actually regret not having done this earlier.

I would however like to have all devices in my laptop working correctly and it is for that reason I'm asking for help in this community.

Spanish Flyer
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  1. I usually use driver detection softwares to find such rogue component's drivers or atleast the parts.
    Currently I use driver genius. There are may others out there. Try them out.

    Good luck!
  2. I upgraded my own XPS M1330 from Vista 32 bit to Win 7 64 bit a couple of weeks ago and it made a huge difference to have a clean install - much faster to boot - from 5 minutes back to less than 2 minutes.

    Anyway, I had an unknown device after the install and it turned out to be the fingerprint reader. I downloaded the most recent 64 bit driver from Dell and this fixed the issue for me.

    Hope this helps.
  3. Thanks for the input perfectblue and tfossey, I will try the driver genius no doubt and tfossey, I don't have a fingerprint reader, actually I never heard any of the XPS's had one, but there you go. Mine does have a small LCD screen on the front (keyboard) panel, but I managed to get the drivers for it in no time. Seems we both agree that even though Dell does not recommend Windows 7 on this their laptop, there are many more improvements than drawbacks
  4. Ok, I tried the Driver Genius Professional and it managed to install four drivers!!
    Checked the two warning messages for the two devices and both were removed from the "black list". However, after a couple of startups, the PCI warning came back....Still, I thank you for that improvement perfectblue. And I will keep trying down that route to see if I manage to get it all right. Don't really understand why it installed the correct drivers for the PCI device and then after a couple of restarts failed to recognize it once more. THANK YOU SEÑOR, from sunny Spain.
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