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I wanna upgrade my computer and need advise. currently I have Intel Pentium E6300 Asus P5G41T-M LX, 2 GB DDR3 Kingston XFX GTX 260 BE coolermaster gx550 hp x20led. I just wanna upgrade CPU & MOBO or GPU. should I buy Intel Core I3 2100 and Asus P8H67-V (without any graphic card cuz I have to sell it too) or with the current cpu and mobo I am considering xfx hd 6790 or evga gts450. no other gpu i can afford. I just wanna play casual games and watch HD movies. should i wait for ivy bridge and buy a new gpu now? but I/we don't know when it's gonna available and what's the price would be!
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  1. Well you can't game without a graphics card, so I would suggest get an HD6790 and wait till you got enough cash for new PC.

    Then transfer the HD6790 to new one.
  2. Agreed, buy the 6790 and start saving up.
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