So I built a new desktop this week, on Monday to be more precise.

2500k @ stock clocks
Antec 750W Earth Watts
Gigabyte Z68A-D3H-B3
G Skill 8gb (2x4gb) DDR3 1600 RAM
HAF 912
WD 1TB Caviar Black

Anyway, the stutter. When I first put it together it worked well, but after about 30-40 minutes of BC2 at max everything, I got a bit of stutter every few minutes, but only in game. The next day the stutter happened more, so I tried reducing settings, didn't help. Then yesterday I started getting it out of game, while just browsing on Chrome with literally no GPU usage and 1% CPU. So after Googling 'stuttering' for awhile, I followed what people said; I made sure my drivers were up to date, I took a stick of RAM out, I removed my case side panel. It seemed to work, no stutter for hours except one or two hiccups. I even put the 2nd stick and side panel back on with no stutter.

But then today, literally 30 mins ago, I turn my PC on from it being off for an hour and I get stutter on the Windows log in screen. So I try removing a stick of RAM, still stutter. I put the RAM back in and keep the side panel off, and, so far? No stutter.

So I think I know how to temporarily solve my problem, but have no idea what's causing it. When I remove the side panel it works fine, but my temps are fine even with it on, I have no idea what the actual problem is. My friend has suggested maybe the panel is contacting a wire and something to that extent.

Anyone have any ideas what it could be? I'm going to try booting into Ubuntu and seeing if it's software related.

Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. When you say you took a stick of RAM out, do you mean that you have tested the system with each stick by itself? like, take stick A out, then run with stick B. If it still shutters, then you took stick B out, put A back in and ran with that? Let us know how ubuntu works out.
  2. So I haven't tried Ubuntu yet but I did try removing the side panel again.

    I booted my PC up with the panel on, stutter, remove it, no stutter, put it on again, stutter. I shut down and then put electrical tape over the ends of the wires that were at the bottom of my case (semi modular PSU) and put the side back on, still stuttering, remove it, it's gone.

    I have no idea what is causing this, maybe there's a wire I'm not seeing touching something.
  3. Bumping my own thread because sucks that my $1100 machine isn't usable.

    Is it possible it's my HDD that's causing the stutter?
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