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I currently have a gtx 460 1gb, which runs Crysis 2 decently on high at 1920x1080. I've always lusted after a multiple-display setup, and here's what I'm wondering:

Would two 460s in SLI be able to run two displays as smoothly as one 460 is currently running one display?

I'm not all that hopeful about the answer to this, but it would be cool if that were the case. I know I'd probably have to upgrade my CPU, not to mention getting a motherboard that can handle SLI.
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  1. You wouldn't be able to run games over two screens if that's what you're wondering.
  2. So 2x460 does not make for double the graphics power. Or does running a double-screen game take more than double the processing? That, I doubt.
    What do you think it would take to run Crysis 2 on two screens? Maxed graphics is not a requirement, just playable on high.
    Hold on, can SLI not do multiple screens at all?
  3. Nvidia's 'Surround Vision' only works with three screens, you can't do just two or add a fourth.
  4. Oh. What would it take to run that, then?
  5. GTX460's in SLi have the ability but I don't know at what overall resolution they would start to struggle at.
  6. it should work if you use 3 monitors.
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