MSI Z77 MPower

I want to buy a MSI Z77 MPower motherboard...WHERE?!?!?!... :wahoo:

I heard that they were released on the 28th but I cant find where to buy one. I guess Newegg isnt going to
carry this thing which sucks cuz thats where I get all my parts from, oh well!

Any help?
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  1. Even I couldn't find any online store with the Big Bang haha.

    My Suggestion - Yes, the Big Bang looks great but I recommend you get the Asus Maximus V Formula instead - Better audio, better OC capability, much more gaming oriented, wins in benchmarks. - Yes I've already compared it haha.

    The Extreme/Formula beats the Big Bang in benches.
  2. Thanks arzbhatia, I'll go check it out...Liked the yellow/black thing though, matched my guitar but I would rather spend the money on performance than color. I could buy the ASRock Z77 OC Formula but it a CEB board and I dont think it will fit the DIYPC Alpha-GT3 tech station Im getting.
  3. What I've noticed is that new motherboards don't usually show up in the stores until a few weeks after release. If you're willing to wait, it will eventually show up on Newegg's website.

    Graphics cards, on the other hand, are listed before or on the date of release.
  4. The ASRock Z77 OC Formula is a total waste. It just looks good.

    The Maximus V Formula/Extreme is the best board I've ever seen/used/tested.
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