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HIya guys! over the years i must of gotten dozens of answers of your site? it never come to me to join until now lol

Firstly let me start by saying a HUGE! & i mean a huge thankyou for all the help ive had just by viewing the site!

Ok my issue is well one i am stuck with? ive got an old XPS720H2C and the liquid cooling is making ever such a strange kinda like "Straining noise" i feel its very low on liquid and i wanted to know is there a way i can check & IF so what liquid do i use for it please??

Many thanks guys!
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  1. Open the case and look for the reservoir, once you have found it check the water level indicator if there is one (if not then open the cap and look inside). If there is no reservoir then check for air bubbles in the pipe. If bubbles are present then find a way to fill the water cooling loop (like a T line or on the top of the reservoir), once you have found a place to fill the loop pour in deionized water (or distilled water) until mostly full. Then seal the loop and power the pump to allow the water to flow. Now if there is still space fill the loop more (as it might have depleted a bit) and repeat. Remember that it may be the pump that is the problem and needs replacing, to do this look for a tutorial as it gets quite involved (e.g. draining the loop and replacing the pump and refilling the loop, which is harder than topping it up).
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