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I got a question about PSUs and performance.
I got this PC that needs to be upgraded a bit. It has a 530w power supply, intel quad core 2.83gz and the HD 4890.
But the 4890 is getting pretty old so I'm considering upgrading it into a 5870 i can get for a small amout of money.

With this upgrade, would a PSU-upgrade be necessarily too?

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  1. depends on the exact PSU, which one do you have? (make and model)
  2. I think the 4890 used more power than a 5870

  3. I found this, and is pretty sure it's this one.
  4. I would not trust that PSU to run a 5870 but if it was OK with a 4890 then it should be fine with a 5870.
  5. PSUs that have higher A for the 3.3v and 5v rails were meant to be used 10 years ago, not today.

    I would get a different one if I were you.
  6. Ok, thanks! :-)
  7. Labels for PSUs that are good these days should look more like this:

    25a on the 3.3v and 5v, and 53A on the 12v
  8. I have never heard of the Silver Gorilla brand, but the article seems to say it is made by Seasonic which is the best PSU maker. If so, then yes like that.

    The 3.3v is the lowest A, followed by the 5v, followed by the 12v's which is exactly what PCs these days require from their PSUs in order to provide adequate power to the internal parts.

    You could probably stand to go a lot lower on the total wattage, though. A 750w is stretching for even more power than I would probably go for.

    That link will tell you about what you need for your system. I would add about 50% on top of the low value it tells you rather than 50w like it does, but that is just my personal opinion and many around here differ from it.
  9. I was going to say avoid it based on the brand but its made by seasonic so its good and the power on the 12V rail is consistent with a high quality 750W unit. So its more than you need but will work fine.
  10. I suggested this one because it's 50% off for around 90 $
  11. You could get an XFX Pro 650w Core (Seasonic) for 90 with a $30 MIR (total $60) and save the other 30 just fine.

    Even lower would work too, like a good 550w.
  12. According to the eXtremes calculator, the 5870 lowers the total watt needed by 20w.
    If I tried the 5870 with my stock PSU and then tried a new and better, would I see clear differences?
    Now I start to wonder why I really need a new one :S
  13. Take your chances with the same PSU if you like. Upgrading may not be completely mandatory in the short run, I would prefer a PSU in my computer that was meant for computers from this millennium, though.
  14. Hello again,
    I found a psu that meets my requirements and fits my need better than any previous psu, and I hope anyone could check this made by seasonic.
    Silver Power SP-SS620M 620W PSU
    I guess 620 fits my need much better than the 850
  15. sorry the 750w**
  16. If it is Seasonic it is a top of the line product.

    I tried to look up SP-SS620M online and verify that it is Seasonic, but I was unable to confirm that quickly. Many names were thrown around and Seasonic was only one of them. Tagan and many others were as well. I will just assume that it is.

    If so, it is good enough.
  17. the silver power 750 is good

    all the silver power ss-sp series are seasonic based
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