Issues with Catalyst 11.6

I am having some issues after updating to Catalyst 11.6

I see some very glow "flashes" while playing F1 2010. Also some issues with texts in Firefox 5.0 (I´ve used the ClearType tool, but the fonts are still blury).
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  1. You can check AMD's website to see if there are any hotfixes out to resolve these issues. Besides that, you could rollback your driver to an earlier version if 11.6 is giving you too much trouble.
  2. Actually the issue might be not related to new amd drivers, as I am running other similar programs without problems. For instance, the problem doesn´t appear while browsing IE nor while playinig NFS Hot Pursuit.
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    Driver issues may not necessarily affect all applications. Sometimes when revising the code they may fix an issue with a particular application but at the same time break something in an entirely different application. If these problems only started after installing the latest driver revision, then the new drivers are probably at fault. You can try reinstalling the current drivers and see if that fixes it, otherwise the only other option to fix the issues may be to rollback to an older version.

    Regarding the blurry fonts in Firefox, check to see if morphological filtering is turned on in the Catalyst Control Center. For some reason that particular post processing effect can sometimes be applied to 2D applications and may be why your fonts are blurry in Firefox. As for F1 2010, my only guess is they did something in the new revision that may have messed up that particular game's lighting effects.
  4. I have tried Firefox with morphological filtering on/off, but no changes, things remain blury.

    As for F1 2010, I have re-installed the game and things are fine.

    So I come to the conclusion that it isn´t in fact an AMD Drivers releted issue.

    [EDIT] Solved - The problem was the ClearType was actived only for my 2nd monitor.
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