Universal AGP 3.0 motherboard

Hello I am looking for a motherboard that can handle the testing of all different types of agp cards. This is because I am slowly running out of space in my small workshop and I am getting a shipment of 200 various agp cards pretty soon. I did a bit of research and found a list of a few universal agp 3.0 1.5v motherboards but I am looking for the one that accepts all cards without the 1.5v restriction.

Any help greatly appreciated.
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  1. You may want to consider having a "newer" AGP system and an "older" (3.3v) system. I don't think you'll find a single solution.
  2. Yeah I'm considering building a tiered workshop system with boards on shelves going up. Well at least I can vary the processor type between the boards to test different intel and amd cpus. Im going to have to figure out how to be able to test all legacy components on the absolute minimum combination of boards that is possible. Time to get the coffee machine on.
  3. Well, at least you can test PCI cards on any mobo with a PCI slot, so you won't need a dedicated system for that. PCIe is also very flexible.

    AGP Pro boards will also require a different mobo if you deal with those as well.

    Hope you aren't even considering ISA and EISA and the old IBM stuff....
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