GTX560 Ti Dual Monitor Issue

So I recently changed from my old card to an MSI Twin Frozr II GTX560 Ti and I'm getting a messed up problem with my dual monitor setup.

One of my monitors has a VGA cable that I had to find an adapter for so it could fit in the DVI port on the card, but afterwards my second monitor was not being picked up at all. After messing around (unsuccessfully) I swapped the two cables around on the card and then both monitors started working. However, it detected the FIRST monitor (the one with the adapter) at the wrong resolution. I managed to force it to display at 1920x1080 as it should be at through the nvidia control panel, but every single game I play doesn't detect it to be at that resolution and forces me to play at 1440x900 (which is being detected as the native resolution). It detects the native properly at 1920x1080 if the ports are swapped but then I run into the problem of my other monitor not working at all. Any advice here? I'm at a complete loss.
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  1. Oh and yes, I AM running the latest drivers. I've uninstalled and reinstalled them about 3 or 4 times now.
  2. So I tried using a DVI cable instead of VGA>DVI adapter and it still only picks up one of the monitors. I can get two displays only if I use one VGA and one DVI. Bizarre.
  3. Have you tried running on on the DVI and the second on the HDMI interface?
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